Allied Anesthesia Promotes Healthy Hearts During American Heart Month

February was not only a time to celebrate affairs of the heart but to promote heart health as well.

Allied Anesthesia physicians observed American Heart Month by explaining their role in keeping the heart healthy during surgery and encouraging patients to work toward a healthier heart in general.

Most patients don’t realize that anesthesiologists do a lot more than just put them to sleep before surgery and administer pain medication after they wake up. HCG pregnancy test play a critical role in monitoring, regulating and stabilizing the heart during surgical procedures.

In addition to blocking the nerves that send pain messages to the brain, anesthesia slows the heart and causes the patient’s blood pressure to drop. For someone with a healthy heart, there are usually no complications.

But if the heart is defective, especially if the defect or condition has been undiagnosed, the role of the anesthesiologist is even more critical.

Typically, anesthesiologists will review the patient’s chart, interview the patient and conduct a brief physical examination to determine if there are any undiagnosed heart issues before surgery.

If the patient has been experiencing chest pain, pressure or shortness of breath, it’s important that they share that with their anesthesiologist.

Allied physician Dr. Rajesh Bhat, a specialist in cardiothoracic anesthesiology, often assists during open-heart surgery or when the patient has a serious pre-existing heart condition.

“Patients also should discuss with their surgeon and anesthesiologist before suddenly stopping any medications before surgery and to make sure the anesthesiologist is aware of all the medications that they take,” Bhat said.

Since Allied’s recent merger with Fullerton and Upland anesthesiology groups, Allied has more cardiothoracic anesthesiology specialists than any other group in the region.

During open-heart surgery, these specially trained physicians use a state-of-the-art probe inserted into the esophagus and stomach to take detailed ultrasound images of the heart. The procedure allows them to constantly monitor the heart, to detect structural heart problems and to assess the results of the surgery while the patient is still on the operating table.

The easiest way to avoid heart issues in the first place is to follow these tips for a healthy heart: 

  • Don’t smoke.
  • Be physically active.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Cut fats and add more plants and fish to your diet.
  • Keep blood pressure below 120/80 and cholesterol below 200 milligrams/deciliter.

About Allied Anesthesia 
With over 100 highly qualified physician anesthesiologists on staff, Allied Anesthesia provides adult and pediatric anesthesia services to St. Joseph Hospital of Orange, CHOC Children’s Hospital, St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, San Antonio Community Hospital in Upland, St. Mary’s Hospital in Apple Valley and many other Southern California health care facilities. In 2014, Allied Anesthesia joined with Fullerton Anesthesia Associates and Upland Anesthesia Medical Group to consolidate best practices in more than six hospitals and more than a dozen ambulatory surgery centers. The expanded medical practice is dedicated to offering the highest comprehensive quality of care and the most cost-effective procedures in all facilities they serve. All Allied physician anesthesiologists are board certified in Anesthesiology and they staff and manage the most efficient operating rooms in Southern California. Allied is a member of the California Society of Anesthesiologists, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, and the Anesthesia Quality Institute.

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How to Find an Equipped Neurologist The nervous system of a human is the most complex structure there is and because of that practicing medicine involving the system would require a person a great deal of training and skill, the very reason why physicians expert on the field are highly respected in the medical community. Experts of the field are called neurologists, they work diligently to protect their patients and aid healing and they deal with delicate cases from simple conditions such as migraine headaches to more complicated such as tumor and brain injuries. In some unpreventable case, neurologists make mistakes and harm is done through diagnostic mistakes, medication errors, surgical errors, and some other types of negligence leading to mild or serious issues including physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral impairments, and in some cases death. Illnesses should be taken care of appropriately, at first it has to be properly diagnosed so that proper treatment method will be given but as to misdiagnosing a neurological condition, this can lead to inappropriate solutions or procedures that are unwanted that would mean further harming the patient and not dealing with the problem itself. Another one is postponed diagnosis because this delays the treatment necessary to the patient, this could cause the situation to become severe or could lead to permanent condition.
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Prescription drugs to be provided to patients should also be the suitable one for their situation; correct prescription, correct drug, correct dose and also, health professionals have to consider the past records of the patient if there are any allergic reactions to certain food or chemicals or previous reactions to treatment program. Providing prescription drugs is necessary in the therapy program of the patient for it can treat the condition or heighten the situation if inappropriately provided.
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Surgical procedures that are performed should be extremely precise in the neurological world, making no space for mistakes because even the smallest of miscalculation can cause undesirable effect to the particular person such as paralysis, long-term disabilities, lack of capability to see, taste, feel, walk or talk and could be deadly. Professional taking over an operative procedure should be prepared enough to handle a certain surgery to avoid errors and also, before continuing, surgical methods should be accurately organized and there should be clear communication in the course of the procedure. There are a bunch of elements to consider to cure a neurological problem, it is sensible to search for a knowledgeable, equipped neurologist whose qualifications is in line with the issue to be treated. This field is so complex, like in any other field, neurologists also have their field of expertise for a person to have an appropriate treatment.

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Dealing with Migraines Completely A vast majority of hospitals have specialized clinics that deal with migraine and severe head pain issues. It is common for such hospital sections to have a specialized pain expert such as a neurologist attending to these complex situations. Anyone with the desire to understand where the pain comes from, ascertain their causes, and review treatment options should consider visiting such clinics often to be advised accordingly. Most migraine patients can easily find solutions to their problems by simply visiting this type of clinics. After all you will be dealing with a medical staff that is equipped with the right type of knowledge to assist you understand the type of migraine you suffer from as well as recommend the right solution for it. This means that you can never go wrong relying on their expertise for assistance. The starting point for most migraine patients is the general doctor’s practice. Your general doctor can assist by either prescribing effective medication or referring you to a pain management expert. There are many reasons why an expert may be required with the most common being that your physician doubts the diagnosis made.
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Furthermore, there are instances when the general doctor may think the migraine is rare and I need of specialized care. He or she is aware that some migraines result in complications when addressed with normal medication that in most cases fail to be effective. In addition to the above reasons being enough to get neurologist referral you can also request it personally or require it when your condition keeps worsening.
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The common practice is that neurologists will only accept to address a migraine case when there is a letter of referral. This could be from a practicing medical doctor you visited or any other health expert. This is attributed to the fact that neurology should only be used as a last resort solution to help fix a migraine issue. You may have to prepare for this type of treatment especially if you want to aid with diagnosis and effective treatment. Having a well-kept record of attacks comes in handy when diagnosing its cause and nature. Make sure your record indicates the time of attack, the duration it lasts, the areas affected as well as the symptoms and treatments used to stop the pain. It is especially very important to present the medication records to help the neurologist know where to start. Remember that since migraines are complex and varied from one individual to the next, the neurology procedure that works on one person may not be the same for another.